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The Cancer Resource Library opened in mid-2006 with the mission to be a source of information and support for our entire community. We are the only library in the Central Coast area focusing exclusively on all aspects of cancer, including diagnosis, management and support. We have more than one thousand five hundred titles in our circulating collection of books and audiovisuals, and we also have hundreds of current brochures.

The Cancer Resource Library is dedicated to meeting the information needs of, and providing exceptional services to, the Cancer Center staff and to any other healthcare professionals. Our on-site collections combine with our access to online resources and with our attentive service to support the Cancer Center’s institutional values and mission of being a regional resource for the medical community.

We offer in-depth library research assistance, expert literature research, and electronic document delivery services for physicians and other healthcare providers. Full access to electronic resources is available on-site. Our library coordinator can perform literature searches at your request so that you can quickly obtain the most current clinical and research results. We stay abreast of developments in oncology and maintain an ongoing collection of noteworthy research reports. As a member of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, we have access to most medical and scientific journals.

Serving as a resource for healthcare professionals is one piece of the Cancer Resource Library’s mission; the other piece is to be a source of information and support for patients, families, and others in the community; our library is open to everyone. We can help your patients find information on diagnoses, treatments, clinical trials, coping with cancer, and support services. Family members are also encouraged to visit the library, so they can learn about cancer to better support their loved one during treatment. We also offer a large collection of caregiver resources for their benefit. In addition, we can help your patients evaluate information from websites and steer them to credible online resources.

We maintain our own institutional subscription to several journals, and have online access to hundreds of other journals. Our library subscriptions include:

Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Journal of Clinical Oncology
International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics
New England Journal of Medicine
Lancet Oncology
The Medical Letter

Please contact Sam Howland, Cancer Information Specialist, for information about online access to journals or with any other questions.


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